Business Advantage

Once a bedroom community neighboring the nation’s capital, today Northern Virginia is a major business center in the Washington, D.C. area.  With a combined population of over 2 million residents and more than 1 million people in the civilian labor force, Northern Virginia is a major engine of growth for the Greater Washington area.


Northern Virginia’s transportation infrastructure is exceptional.  It has two major airports, Ronald Reagan National and Dulles International, connecting businesses to worldwide destinations.  Commuters are served by the Washington Metro subway and the Virginia Railway Express, a commuter railroad.  Metro is the second-busiest subway system in the nation: only New York City’s subway system carries more passengers.  With one of the most modern public transportation system in the nation, traveling to Northern Virginia is very easy.

Business Climate

Northern Virginia has a very favorable tax climate for business, echoed in each local jurisdiction.  For three straight years, Virginia is ranked The Best State for Business by  And according to CNBC, Virginia is among the Top States for Business.  It has the lowest corporate income tax, general sales and use tax of surrounding states and jurisdictions.

Education System

With one of the most educated population in the nation, Northern Virginia is clearly a smart choice for companies to locate their business.  60% of all adults are college graduates and 25% hold advanced degrees.  Northern Virginia’s public schools are among the best in the nation, with approximately 90% of all high school graduates going on to college.  With 25 colleges and universities in the Washington region, and over 100,000 students, this region’s higher educational institutions produces smart and talented graduates ready to enter the workforce.

Industry Clusters

There are strong industry clusters located in Northern Virginia, namely in government contracting, biotechnology and bioinformatics, information technology, security, and telecommunications.  The area has the nation’s highest concentration of IT and technology related businesses, and these companies provide infrastrcture support to the life sciences community and life sciences organizations and companies.  This area is also home to more than 500 national industry and trade associations.