Northern Virginia Life Sciences Resources

Combining a highly educated workforce, dynamic business climate, and research
opportunities to foster business growth.

The Northern Virginia Region (NOVA)

Located just outside the nation’s capital, the Northern Virginia region holds unparalleled opportunities for life sciences partnerships and strategic collaborations with government agencies, corporations, health care providers, and research and academic institutions.

NOVA Offers …

Among the many life sciences resources in the region are:

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus, a collaborative, interdisciplinary research center committed to advancing biomedical research and science education.
  • Inova Health System, one of the largest, most comprehensive health care systems in the Mid-Atlantic region, is nationally recognized for excellence in cardiology, oncology, endocrinology, and other specialty areas.
  • INNOVATION@Prince William Technology Park, an award-winning model of university-based economic development, is designed to foster relationships between George Mason University, Covance, American Type Culture Collection, the Virginia Department of Forensic Science Northern Virginia Laboratory, and other biotechnology-related companies.
  • George Mason University encourages innovative research collaborations in proteomics, biodefense, infectious diseases, and other areas of biomedical research, and is committed to meeting the needs of a specialized, highly trained work force.
  • The National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Army Military Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, and other federal agencies are in close proximity.
  • An unsurpassed collection of national and international corporations with expertise in biotechnology, biodefense and homeland security, and other life sciences-related specialties is based in the region.